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NT Labs Aquaclear - 250ml

NT Labs Aquaclear - 250ml
NT Labs Aquaclear - 250ml
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About this product

Ideal for helping to prevent green pond water and a great pond algae treatment.

  • UV Screening Effect
  • Easy to use
  • Wildlife friendly & all fish safe!

Controls algae, algae bloom and blanketweed by filtering out light. It restricts algae growth using a UV screening, faint blue dye.

For best results we recommend using in conjunction with Magiclear - however both will work independently.

Each 250ml treats 14000 litres (3132 gallons)

To prevent the growth of unsightly green algae and blanket weed. Aquaclear uses a long lasting blue dye which restricts the light from the sun penetrating through the water column therefore cutting off the light source which causes algae and blanket weed to grow.

Aquaclear is harmless to all other forms of life in the pond.

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