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NT Labs Cristalclear - 250ml

NT Labs Cristalclear - 250ml
NT Labs Cristalclear - 250ml
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About this product

Controls the unsightly spread of duckweed in pond water.

  • Deprives duckweed of essential nutrients
  • Inhibits the Growth of Algae
  • Easy to Use
  • Wildlife friendly & all fish safe!
When there is a build-up of nuisance plants such as duckweed. Cristalclear removes phosphate from the water, the nutrient responsible for the rapid spread of duckweed.

Add to the pond every week for the first 2 weeks and every other week thereafter during the growing season.

How to use?

  • Shake well before use.
  • For best results, rake off as much duckweed as possible first.
  • Mix full dose in a clean bucket of pond water, and then pour evenly around the pond.
  • If the water is very badly affected the dose can safely be doubled without risk to fish.
  • Use for a minimum of 6 months to achieve the optimum benefits.

250ml of Cristalclear treats 4550 Litres/1000 Gallons

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