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NT Labs Kh Buffer Up - 5Kg

NT Labs Kh Buffer Up - 5Kg
NT Labs Kh Buffer Up - 5Kg
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KH - Buffer Up

The buffer capacity of pond water is the ability of pond water to maintain the pH at the correct level for the survival of your fish. The metabolism of fish in the pond tends to use up KH buffer and if this is not replaced can lead to sudden pH crash causing death of fish, frequently at night. It is advised to test KH regularly with a Hardness Test Kit and maintain the KH level above 6 degrees carbonate hardness. 1 Kg treats 6800 litres (1500 gallons)

  • Buy NT Labs Koi Care Buffer Kh Up 5Kg Maintains Health Pond Conditions
  • Increases Buffer Capacity /Carbonate Hardness / Alkalinity Reserve
  • Easy to Use