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NT Labs Marine Lab - NO3 Test

NT Labs Marine Lab - NO3 Test
NT Labs Marine Lab - NO3 Test
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About this product

  • The essential water quality test for all marine aquariums.
  • Nitrogen analysis for marine invertebrate health and filtration efficiency.
  • High sensitivity colourimetric test for precise and accurate results.

Test contains 35 tests.

Nitrate is the waste product of naturally occurring bacteria (Nitrospira spp.) turning nitrite into relatively non-toxic nitrate. In a typical aquarium, nitrate is the final stage of nitrification and usually accumulates with time.

Invertebrates do not tolerate a high level of nitrate in a marine aquarium, so careful measurement is essential to keeping corals healthy. Nitrate is also the cause of many algae problems in a marine aquarium so monitoring and responding to nitrate can help reduce these algae issues.

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