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NT Labs Marine Phosphate Remover - 500g

NT Labs Marine Phosphate Remover - 500g
NT Labs Marine Phosphate Remover - 500g
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About this product

Stunted coral growth and the presence of unwanted algae is commonly an indicator of excessive phosphate. Phosphate results from fish waste and while essential for life, too much is detrimental. Phosphate is often also present in tap water, so can be inadvertently introduced during water changes.

Marine Phosphate Remover is a highly adsorbent alumina-based media that will remove large quantities of both phosphate and silicate. Due to the spherical shape of the granules, Marine Phosphate Remover will not clump and therefore, maintains excellent water flow throughout its use.


  • Place required amount in a Marine Filter Media Bag.
  • Gently rinse under tap until rinse water is clear.
  • Phosphate Remover will become warm during initial rinsing.
  • Monitor phosphate using Phosphate test. An increase in phosphate indicates Phosphate Remover is exhausted and should be replaced.
  • Discard Filter Media Bag and Phosphate Remover safely.

Caution: Do not use in fluidised filters.

Marine Filter Media Bag included

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