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NT Labs Mediclay - 1.5kg

NT Labs Mediclay - 1.5kg
NT Labs Mediclay - 1.5kg
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About this product

A pure high-grade ultra fine powdered montmorillonite revitaliser clay.

Controls the waste build up of bacteria, algae and pollutants in favour of nitrifiers. Clears water, improves health, appetite and reduces algae in Koi ponds. Use weekly to keep the water crystal clear or daily when fish are sickly or recovering from disease.

  • High Purity
  • Improves Appetite of Koi
  • Reduces Algae and Clears Water

When to Use:

  • Use as a weekly additive to re-mineralise pond water to control the build up of organic waste, bacteria and pollutants which cause bacterial infections and ill health. Mediclay stimulates the biological system in favour of beneficial bacteria helping to reduce algae. Mediclay will also 'polish' the water resulting in amazing clarity to observe your fish.


  • Mix the required dose in a clean bucket/watering can of pond water then pour over the surface of the pond or at a filter outlet to ensure an even spread.For clarifying the water, Mediclay is best applied via the pump or venturi so that it is rapidly mixed with the water returning to the pond.Use in conjunction with other NT Labs water treatments but leave 48 hours after using an NT Labs medication before applying Mediclay. Mediclay can be used at any time of year (water temperature) and will not alter the water pH.


  • Use within 48 hours of applying a medication.

Each 22g of Mediclay treats 1000 litres

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