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JBL FloraPond Plant Food
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Primary care of garden pond plants: Clay fertiliser balls with main nutrients and trace elements for water lilies and marsh plantsVigorous plant growth, no deficiency symptoms, best, most intensive leaf colouring due to the right iron concentrationVigorous plant growth, no deficiency symptoms, best,..
Laguna Plant Grow Fertilizer Pond Spikes
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Supply important nutrition to aquatic plants for a period of up to one year. The temperature-activated feeding sticks release nutrients only when plants need them most – at or above 50° F or 10° C. Once activated, the spikes slowly release a well-balanced feeding formula that maximizes the size and ..
Brand: Tetra Stock: In Stock
Liquid fertiliser for thriving plants and beautiful flowers. Supplies pond plants with important iron, potassium and more over a four week period.Liquid fertiliser for thriving plants and beautiful flowers Supplies plants with nutrients over a four week period Specially balanced mix of iron, potas..
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