Heron Deterrents

Heron Deterrents

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Velda Heron Stop

Heron Stop will protect your pond against heronsBy stretching a line along the pond sid..


Velda Pond Guard Shuffle Discontinued

Velda Pond Guard Shuffle

DISCONTINUED REPLACED WITH VELDA LASER GUARD Product Summary The ultimate protection for your fish ..


Velda Pond Protector

Keeps away unwanted visitors from your pondVelda introduces a new, quite efficient method to..


Velda Garden Protector Out Of Stock

Velda Garden Protector

Keep herons, cats and other predators away from your pond and garden with the Velda Garden Protecto..


Velda Heron Stop Reflector

This reflective ball floats on the surface of your pond and is in almost constant motion. It has an..


Velda Heron Stop Spinner

Product SummaryThe Velda Heron Stop Spinner protects your pond fish by scaring herons and d..


Velda Laser Guard -9% Out Of Stock

Velda Laser Guard

Why use the Velda Laser Guard Colourful fish in a clear pond are an easy prey for herons. In ..

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