Velda Wireless Digital Pond Thermometer

Velda Wireless Digital Pond Thermometer
This design of Velda wireless pond thermometer set consists of a thermometer and a receiver so that the temperature of the water can also be read from inside your home. The alert function will give the alarm as soon as the mimimum or maximum temperature setting is reached.


Feeding will improve the condition of your fish and has a favourable influence on their resistance against illness and colouring. Correct feeding depends on the temperature of the water. From 5°C to 10°C special winter feed can be administered once a day. From 10°C to 18°C you may feed daily above 18°C you may feed several times a day.

As temperature of the water rises the oxygen content will decrease. Especially in summer at temperatures exceeding 20°C a lack of oxygen may arise. High oxygen water is a must for a healthy fish pond it is important then to provide the water with oxygen at over 20°C.

Keep clear of ice
In winter time death of fish regularly occurs when the pond freezes over. Especially in small and shallow ponds there is a great risk that suffocation will occur after the pond has been frozen over. At water temperatures lower than 6°C it is wise to have the water surface moving this prevents the pond from freezing over.


Measuring range indoor receiver 0 to 50°C
Measuring range outdoor sensor -50 to 70°C
Transmission range 30m
(Batteries included)

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