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Auto Feeders

Velda Automatic Fish Feeder Basic Velda Automatic Fish Feeder Basic
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Brand: Velda
A healthy stock of fish with constant growth will be obtained by feeding measured quantities several times a day. Especially during holiday periods and in less favourable weather conditions fish will be ’forgotten’ at times. Healthy fish by feeding regularly All fish will be assured daily of regular..
Brand: Velda
The Velda Fish Feeder Pro has been developed especially to supply fish with the quantities of feed they require up to 20 times per twenty-four hours; dosage and frequency can be programmed easily. Especially for lovers of koi sophisticated feeding for this kind of fish is important to obtain optimum..
Hozelock Automatic Fish Food Feeder - 3958 Hozelock Automatic Fish Food Feeder - 3958
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Brand: Hozelock
Indispensable for holiday feeding, the Automatic Fish Feeder can be mounted on a pond wall or suspended above the pond using the supplied stand. The Automatic Fish Feeder is simple to operate via a single control that incorporates a battery-operated clock and a frequency dial which gives a choice of..
Londa Pond Fish Feeder Londa Pond Fish Feeder
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Brand: CMC
Automatic feeder with unique brush dispenser. With this pond feeder you can automatically feed your fish. The feeder is battery operated so easy to install anywhere. Simply place the feeder on the edge of the pond and the brush dispenser will spread the food over the pond.Pond Fish Feeder FeaturesLa..
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