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NT Labs Permanganate Dip - 500ml

NT Labs Permanganate Dip - 500ml
NT Labs Permanganate Dip - 500ml
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NT Labs Koi Care Permanganate 500ml is an excellent bath treatment for ulcers, parasites and all infections @ 10ppm dose (10 ml/40 litres - 30 mins). Can also be used for general cleaning of pond water and reducing chemical oxygen demand @ 1ppm dose rate (10 ml to 400 litres). As a treatment to the whole pond, dose at 2ppm (10 ml to 200 litres). The dosage calculator will only calculate a full pond water dose and should not be used for calculating baths.

250 ml treats 5,000 litres (1100 gallons) at the 2 ppm pond treatment dose.

  • Excellent Bath Treatment for all Infections
  • Cleans Pond Water
  • Reduces Chemical Oxygen Demand

When Permanganate comes into contact with organic material, it breaks down and becomes ineffective as a treatment. To remain effective, the water must remain pink for 10 - 12 hours. If the water becomes brown, the Permanganate is no longer working. Add more, bit by bit, until the water remains pink. This is the reason that permanganate is best used as a bath with clean water which will remain active for the full duration of the treatment.