Blagdon Anti Ulcer 500ml

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Blagdon Anti Ulcer is a unique patented formulation, which treats fish that are suffering from systemic bacterial infections eg; Ulcers, Bacterial gill disease, dropsy etc. This 500ml Blagdon Anti Ulcer will treat up to 4546 litres of pond water with no side effects to filtration, plants, wildlife and fish.

A two dose treatment.

When To Use - Symptoms:

  • Ulcer sores
  • Pop Eye (swollen eyes)
  • Dropsy (swollen body, pine cone appearance)
  • Hollow Belly
  • Gill Rot (fish gasping)
  • Unexplained fish deaths.

    Harmless to filters and all species of pond fish, pond plants and water using wildlife.

    Always read manufacturers instructions before using.

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