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GORDON LOW SEALECO 4m x 5m - 1mm

GORDON LOW SEALECO 4m x 5m - 1mm
GORDON LOW SEALECO 4m x 5m - 1mm
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GORDON LOW SEALECO 4m x 5m - 1mm
GORDON LOW SEALECO 4m x 5m - 1mm
GORDON LOW SEALECO 4m x 5m - 1mm
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  • Brand: Gordon Low
  • Model: GLSEL4X5
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SealEco EPDM 4m x 5m 1mm (Greenseal) pond liner is a synthetic rubber membrane with exceptional physical properties making it the ideal choice for lining ponds, lakes, lagoons and streams. Despite their different chemical compositions, SealEco EPDM and SealEco BUTYL look and feel the same. Continued rise in the cost of Butyl rubber polymer limits its economical application for lining ponds that require large quantities of material.

EPDM rubber, developed in 1959 has, over the last 50 years, become more widely used in building and civil engineering. As a result of higher current levels of production, EPDM has become more economical than the Butyl rubber.

SealEco EPDM is the fish-safe EPDM pond liner produced by the same Swedish manufacturer that has supplied Butyl for more than 30 years, SealEco AB(formally Trelleborg AB). 

During production the EPDM is vulcanised (cured under pressure and heat) creating an elastic, chemically stable product with negligible aging through exposure to UV-radiation, atmosphere, chemicals, earth, water and extremes of temperature. SealEco EPDM pond liner is black in colour. The initials EPDM are derived from its major components of Ethylene, Propylene, Diene monomer and is an M class synthetic rubber. Interestingly Butyl Rubber actually has EPDM in its compound to enhance certain properties.

  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: 4m x 5m
  • Thickness: 1mm