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Hozelock Cascade 1500 + LED Light

Hozelock Cascade 1500 + LED Light
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Hozelock Cascade 1500 + LED Light
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  • Brand: Hozelock
  • Model: H3354
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An easy to install and maintain pond pump that has a dual flow control making it the ideal pond pump to run a small fountain and waterfall. The flow control allows the waterfall and fountain flows to be independently adjusted. If required the Hozelock Cascade 1500 can also run small pond filters, pond side water features or larger pebble pool features.

Hozelock Cascade 1500 Supplied with:

  1. T Piece with dual flow adjusters
  2. Fountain stem ball joint
  3. 3 Fountain heads
  4. Quick connect hose coupling
  5. Telescopic fountain stem extension
  6. Full instructions

The Cascade 1500 has a maximum fountain height of 1.20m and is able to run a waterfall of up to 0.12m in width.

The easy clean, anti-clog, foam free strainer reduces maintenance.

Tags: Pond Pump