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Test Kits

Blagdon Pond Health Tablet Test Kit
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Brand: Blagdon Stock: Out Of Stock
The Blagdon Pond Health Tablet Test Kit is a comprehensive and accurate solution to testing your pond water.Tests For: Ammonia Nitrate Nitrite Broad Range Ph Also Inculded Are: 2 safety test vials Tablet crusher rod Instruction booklet The colour instruction booklet gives accurate advi..
Brand: NT Labs Stock: In Stock
Award Winner Multi Test Kit Comprises over 200 Test for 6 Water Parameters Integral Test Tube Rack for Ease of Use NT Labs Pond Lab 200 Multi-test kit provides over 200 tests of 6 water parameters (pH, GH, KH, Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia) with integral test tube rack for ease of us..
Brand: NT Labs Stock: In Stock
NT Labs Pond Water Mini Test tests three water parameters (pH, Ammonia, Nitrite), with full instructions to help diagnose and treat sickness in pond fish, optimum levels and suggestions for correction. Comprising 120 tests Tests 3 Water Parameters Helps Diagnose Sick Fish Multi Pa..
API Pond Master Test Kit
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Brand: API Stock: Out Of Stock
This API Pond Master Test Kit tests aquarium and tap water for 4 different parameters that affect the health of pond fish:Tests:pHammonianitritephosphateCompact and convenient for easy home storage with 6 bottles of liquid test reagent, laminated colour cards, 4 glass test tubes, and a complete step..
Blagdon Complete Pond Dip Test
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Brand: Interpet Stock: Out Of Stock
Easy TestComplete Pond dip test kit for quick and easy water testing.Essential tests for:AmmoniaNitriteNitratepHWater Hardness (KH & GH)60 TESTS..
JBL Test Combi Set Pond JBL Test Combi Set Pond
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Brand: JBL Stock: Out Of Stock
Healthy pond environment The right water values in the garden pond depend on the fish stock and the plants present. Even if the water looks clear it can be contaminated. With poor water values disease or algae can appear in the pond. To maintain a healthy pond environment it is important to check an..
Brand: Tetra Stock: In Stock
Tetra Pond Test 6 in 1 strips to determine the pond water quality in a matter of seconds. Simply dip the the test strip into the water for a few seconds, wait a minute then compare colours to the chart. tests 6 important water values in just one step; general and carbonate hardness (GH+KH), nitrit..
Brand: Tetra Stock: In Stock
To successfully prevent algae growth in ponds and aquariums, the water parameters should be regularly tested. Tetra Test AlgaeControl 3in1 is the optimal help to measure the water parameters nitrate and phosphate. This makes it easy to keep control of the most important algae parameters and successf..
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