Nishikoi Blanc-Kit Excel - 3000 gal

Nishikoi Blanc-Kit Excel - 3000 gal
Controls blanket weed – NATURALLY

Blanc-Kit Excel controls blanket weed without the use of harsh chemicals.

The natural formulation makes pond water inhospitable to blanket weed and allows all other plants, fish and pond life to thrive.

Blanc-Kit Excel 3000 gal Features:

  • Harmless to plant and pond life.
  • Safe to use with all pond fish.
  • Totally environmentally friendly.
  • Harmless to biological filter media.
  • Safe for all animals and wildlife drinking from the pond.

How Blanc-Kit Excel works

After many years of research and development Blanc-Kit Excel's unique formulation, utilising natural minerals and botanical compounds radically produces a blanketweed resistant pond environment without the need for harsh chemicals.

When used as directed the blanketweed's molecular structure and growth pattern is dramatically checked, enabling the pond owner to enjoy a blanketweed free environment at its best.

Nishikoi Blanc-Kit Excel Pack size: 3000 gal - 13638 ltrs

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