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Pond Ammonia Test Kits

Simple and reliable test kits for the monitoring of ammonia in garden ponds. Even if the water looks clear it can be contaminated it is important to check and test the water values regularly.
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How to use?Ensure the test tube is clean. Take a 5 ml sample of water into the test tube. Add 5 drops of the reagent Ammonia 1, 5 drops of Ammonia 2 and 5 drops of Ammonia 3. Replace the test tube cap and shake thoroughly. Wait 10 minutes, then compare the colour of the sample to the colour s..
Brand: Tetra Stock: In Stock
Measures the ammonia value reliably and precisely Suitable for all freshwater and marine aquarium Ammonia (NH3) is a natural, toxic by-product of animal metabolism and the decomposition of animal and plant waste materials. Without regular testing, the ammonia level in your aquarium could rise to a..
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Waterlife Ammonia Test Kit - Measures toxic ammonia/ammonium which can cause fish ill health.What is ammonia/ammonium?Ammonia is excreted by fish and when it is allowed to build up in the aquarium it is extremely toxic to them. The Waterlife Ammonia kit is a sensitive liquid test that ..
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