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Resin Products Carbon Clear

Resin Products Carbon Clear
Resin Products Carbon Clear
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About this product

  • Unique Round Pods allowing unrestricted water flow with High grade carbon (highest grade in the hobby) , acid washed to increase the quality of the product.
    • The process of acid washing means the carbon is more porous and cleaner, therefore dramatically reducing the chance of leaching back into the aquarium (less that 2% leaching)
      • Excellent at the removal of tannings.
      • 80 gram pods (x3 in the box) will be equivalent to 200/250g of other carbons used and cater for upto 600ltrs of water.
      • Manufactured Phosphate free.
      • Providing constant water purification for upto 12 weeks.
      • By using the highest grade of Carbon with a huge surface area means adding less to the system – resulting in maximum organic removal from the aquarium whilst maintaining the best water quality.
      • For Freshwater/CW use – Can be used in external filtration and certain larger internal filters. Remove while aquarium is under treatment.

      • 1 POD - 0-200 Litres
      • 2 PODs - 200-400 Litres
      • 3 PODs - 400-600 Litres
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