Seneye Monitors

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Seneye Home USB V2 -2% Out Of Stock

Seneye Home USB V2

Ever lost a fish and not know why? Ever experience new tank syndrome and wished there was a way of ..

£95.99 £93.99

Seneye Pond USB V2 -3% Out Of Stock

Seneye Pond USB V2

Ever found you have lost a Koi but didn’t know why? Have your had a pond leak, but found out too la..

£119.99 £115.99

Seneye Reef USB V2 -5%

Seneye Reef USB V2

Are your corals not as vibrant as you expect? Have you ever had an aquarium crash unexpectedly? Now..

£129.99 £122.99

Seneye+ 3 Slide Pack Out Of Stock

Seneye+ 3 Slide Pack

The seneye+ includes the disposable seneye slide, e-mail alerts, automatic online graphing, and per..