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Tetra Crystal Water - 100ml

Tetra Crystal Water - 100ml
Tetra Crystal Water - 100ml
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About this product

Makes aquarium water crystal clear - eliminates cloudy water quickly and safely.

Safely and reliable removes dirt particles that cloud the aquarium water, making it crystal clear for the well-being of your fish and plants. Binds small particles into one larger one that can be filtered from the water by the aquarium filter.

  • The first effects are visible after 2-3 hours
  • The water will be clear within 6-8 hours and crystal clear after 6-12 hours

Quickly clears up clouded water in your aquarium. Swimming, clouding particles are bound and filtered out by your aquarium filter.

  • Provides visible effects after only 2-3 hours
  • Suitable for all KH-values, even low ones
  • Formula contains inorganic metals and aluminium salts, providing wide-ranging effects
  • Fish and plants have never felt better
  • For all fresh water aquariums
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