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Tetra InitialSticks

Tetra InitialSticks
Tetra InitialSticks
Tetra InitialSticks
Tetra InitialSticks
Tetra InitialSticks
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About this product

Nutrient sticks for a fertile plant substrate. Supplies the plants with essential minerals in the long term.

  • Provides aquarium plants with essential nutrients for up to a year
  • Contains valuable natural and mineral ingredients such as humus, clay minerals and iron, which support root formation
  • Ideal when setting up a new aquarium
  • Promotes fast plant growth
  • No negative effect on the water values
Mix an appropriate amount of Tetra InitialSticks with the gravel.

Pack Size:

  • 250ml


  • 1g Tetra InitialSticks per 1l of aquarium water (1 tablespoon = approx. 25g for 25l)
Aquarium plants are the green “power stations” of an aquarium. They play several key roles at the same time. Aquarium plants produce oxygen and improve the quality of the water. As a result, aquatic plants help create an appropriate environment for fish. Tetra InitialSticks are particularly suitable for use when setting up a new aquarium. The natural, mineral ingredients contained, such as humus, clay minerals and iron, create a fertile substrate for up to a year. This supports root formation and promotes the fast growth of beautiful, strong aquarium plants. The deep green and red hues of aquatic plants form a key part of the harmonious underwater landscape, adding to an aquarium’s calming influence
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