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Tetra Pond FilterStart - 500ml

Tetra Pond FilterStart - 500ml
Tetra Pond FilterStart - 500ml
Tetra Pond FilterStart - 500ml
Tetra Pond FilterStart - 500ml
Tetra Pond FilterStart - 500ml
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  • Pack Dimensions: 9.40cm x 4.80cm x 21.70cm
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About this product

Tetra Pond FilterStart activates the pond filter after winter or when setting up a new pond and extends the intervals between cleaning. It contains a mix of highly active filter bacteria, which break down harmful substances, and sludge-reducing cleaning bacteria.

  • Contains a highly active mix of filter and cleaning bacteria
  • Reduces the pollutants (ammonium and nitrite) in the pond with living filter bacteria
  • Breaks down organic substances (fish waste, foliage, etc.) with special cleaning bacteria
  • Increases the service life of pond filters and thereby extends the cleaning intervals
  • Improves water quality and prevents decay
  • Purely biological effect
  • 500ml for 5000 litres

Pack Size:
  • 500ml
Effective and beneficial bacteria in the filter are important for maintaining a healthy biological balance and good water quality. The living filter bacteria reduce the pollutants (ammonium and nitrite) in the pond. Special cleaning bacteria break down organic substances in the filter caused by fish waste and foliage in the pond water. These biological breakdown processes prevent decay. As well as its positive effect on water quality, the product increases the pond filter’s service life, extending the intervals between cleaning. Tetra Pond FilterStart has a purely biological effect. This makes it perfect for pond care and preventing contamination in the filter, particularly when the pond season starts in the spring and after filter cleaning or following medical treatment.
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