Tetra pH/KH Plus - 300ml

Out Of Stock Tetra pH/KH Plus - 300ml
Tetra Pond pH/KH Plus 300ml stabilises the all-important pH value and carbonate hardness level in garden ponds quickly and effectively

  • easy and controlled adjustment of the carbonate hardness level in ponds with low levels
  • promotes fish wellbeing: Large variations in the pH value are harmful to fish and microorganisms. A carbonate hardness level of between 4° and 10° dH helps to stabilise the pH value. If the carbonate hardness level is too low, the pH value can quickly rise, particularly in the daytime during summer and if algae is growing, and can threaten pondlife
  • we especially recommend the use of pH/KH Plus in ponds that are densely populated with plants and fish and in koi ponds as carbonate hardness levels in these ponds can more easily fall to critically low levels

Always read the instructions provided with Tetra Pond pH/KH Plus.

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