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Tetra WaterBalance - 500ml

Tetra WaterBalance - 500ml
Tetra WaterBalance - 500ml
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About this product

Over time, natural processes cause pond water to become unbalanced, affecting the condition of fish, plants and other pond life. When used regularly, Tetra Pond WaterBalance 500ml prevents the pond from becoming unbalanced, keeping it in top condition.

  • Keeps the pH (acidity) of the water stable
  • Reduces the key nutrient phosphate, for reduced algae growth
  • Restores essential vitamins and minerals that are lost over time


Shake well before use. Add 25ml of WaterBalance per 1,000 litres (220 gallons) of pond water. Use the dosing cap provided. For even distribution, mix the required amount in a watering can full of water, and pour over pond surface. Repeat dose every 4 weeks.

Ideally used with Tetra Pond AquaSafe.

Always read the instructions provided.

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