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Tetra Wafer Mix - 68g

Tetra Wafer Mix - 68g
Tetra Wafer Mix - 68g
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About this product

The TetraWafer Mix 68g is suitable for both the carnivorous and herbivorous fish and crustaceans. The two different type of wafers are especially designed to sink and accommodate the bottom feeders of an aquarium. The Green Wafers are rich in valuable spirulina algae and are suitable for the herbivorous fish. The Brown Wafer are ideal for the carnivorous bottom-feeding fish.
  • Green wafers: valuable spirulina algae, especially for herbivorous bottom fish
  • Brown wafers: ideal for carnivorous bottom fish
  • Due to firm consistence of wafers, water isn't clouded
  • Wafers hold their shape to correspond to fish's natural eating habits

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