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TMC Nutrasoil Black - 5 Litre

TMC Nutrasoil Black - 5 Litre
TMC Nutrasoil Black - 5 Litre
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About this product

TMC AquaGro Nutrasoil Black 5 Litre is an attractive, complete substrate which means that it not only provides an anchor for the plants but also slowly provides vital nutrients to the plants' growing root structure.

Its soft, small granules allow plant roots to penetrate easily ensuring all the plants' energy goes into maximum stem and leaf growth.

All-natural product with a porous structure which provides a perfect area for beneficial bacteria to colonise, helping to maintain optimum water quality and clarity.

Lowers the pH level of the aquarium making it perfect for aquatic plants and most fish. Provides a comfortable home for bottom dwelling fish and shrimps.

5 litres is sufficient for a 50 litre aquarium

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