TMC REEF-Tide 8000s Slim

TMC REEF-Tide 8000s Slim
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The TMC REEF-Tide Slim 8000 is the latest wave maker pump with an ultra-compact design and high output capability. REEF-Tide S series pumps may be small but have all the power and controllability of its competitor's thanks to the unique impeller design.

The DC REEF-Tide S pumps each come complete with a controller allowing the pump to easily select between four pre-set wave patterns which can be set for multiple time settings throughout the day at the touch of a button.

The REEF-Tide Slim pumps can offer high output natural water movement with its new impeller design whilst maintaining a low wattage running power. It is one of the smallest pump designs on the market. This ultra-compact design is perfect for tanks strapped for space or for those who prefer not too to see unsightly pumps within there aquarium.

Reef Tide 8000 at a Glance:

  • Max Flow Rate – 4000 LPH
  • Minimum Power – 6w
  • Maximum power - 20w
  • Voltage – DC 12V
  • Diameter – 61mm
  • Height – 65mm

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