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Waterlife Vitazin - 100ml

Waterlife Vitazin - 100ml
Waterlife Vitazin - 100ml
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Waterlife Vitazin 100ml Waterlife Vitazin is a superb multi vitamin supplement for aiding the health and development of your aquatic fish.

The 100ml solution is a unique formulation which encourages a healthy appetite in fish, improves good skeletal and scale growth, and helps to shorten the recovery time of fish suffering from disease or infection.

Waterlife Vitazin is a blend of vitamins and amino acids, which stimulate good health, disease resistance and convalescence.

Vitazin is also high is B12 which combats anorexia in all fish.

Can be used in conjunction with SeaGreen, to increase the plankton count and the growth of macro algae in seawater aquaria and to boost the vitamin content of all seawater and brackish water, tropical freshwater, coldwater and pond foods.